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How long do we think we’re going to live, really?

Face-palm slapping warning for this blinkered prediction of human longevity for the future in The Guardian. I’m not betting it won’t happen – I’m not betting it will either – I’m just astonished it didn’t see the elephant in the room.

Who predicts the likely future based on an interpretation of the past; did history teach them nothing? To say nothing of roping in a Roman from the first century BC and the factually reliable Book of Genesis as expert witness. We could live to 1000. I say, don’t hoard your candles yet – or even at all.

The piece states that there are three groups of thought on future longevity: Levellers, Extrapolators, and Accelerators. It appears to ignore the group which forecasts a decline based on the problems we know for a fact we are facing: the climate emergency, fresh water source depletion, food shortages, antibiotic resistant germs, and population increase, to name a few. Google it.

However, all that aside, why on Earth would any sane person need to live much beyond 100, never mind 1000? One of the worst thoughts imaginable is surviving your own kids. A much better philosophy is belief in the three score and ten and enjoy it while you can. Leave the future to the tea leaf readers and crystal ball fanatics, I say.

Que sera sera.

3 thoughts on “How long do we think we’re going to live, really?”

  1. No matter how long anyone lives on earth. We will all be gone one day. The question is: are we prepared for what awaits us on the other side of this life?

    Only those who have a relationship with Jesus on this side of the earth will have it good in the hereafter.

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